Blink Voice's 2018 Holiday Party

Blink Voice had their annual Christmas Party on December 21st. After a fantastic 2017, the people at Blink Voice wanted to celebrate in style. It started with a toast from Senior Management at the office thanking the staff for their dedication and efforts in steadily helping the company grow year after year. “From where we started, to where we are now amazes me,” said one Employee who was with Blink from the beginning, “I know it’s only going to get better

Make A New Years Resolution for Your Business This Year

Blink Voice is making a Resolution this New Year to add MORE MONEY to your budget. We are offering businesses the opportunity to upgrade their phone systems at no extra cost added to your monthly phone bill. If fact, a ten-minute conversation with a Blink Voice Representative has been proven to save businesses 20% on their monthly phone bills. When you contact a Blink Voice Representative they will ask you questions to help explain how we can add more money to your budget. Some of the ways we can do that are:

Winter is here and so is the snow

Blink Voice helps prevent power outages and bad weather from affecting your business’ communication.

According to, temperatures this upcoming winter are supposed to be very cold for the northeast due to “La Nina”. With Cold Temperatures comes the snow, and with the snow comes downed power lines, lost signals, and NO PHONES! Is your business prepared for the possibilities of losing communications for a day or worse?

How can auto-attendant help you?

Because of high call volumes during the holidays it is essential you upgrade your phone system to a system with this feature at no additional cost to your monthly phone bill.

Office Phones End of Year Tax Write Off

The end of the year is near, and Blink Voice Communications would like to extend a special invitation for you to receive a NO ADDITIONAL COST phone system upgrade that you can WRITE OFF ON YOUR TAXES.

Windstream Communications Acquiring Broadview Networks

The acquisition of the bankrupt Broadview by Windstream in April of 2017 was a huge business deal for both companies; it was an extremely all-cash deal, worth approximately $227.5 million dollars. The question of constant acquisitions when they cannot even deliver their services properly right now is causing major concern but only time will tell whether Windstream can turn this disaster around or not.

Avaya Bankruptcy

Every chapter 11 process is unique. In the case of Avaya, we have a healthy operating business that has been generating positive cash flow and setting records for operating profitability, as our product mix has shifted to 75% software and services.

Lower Monthly Phone Bill

If you have old office phones you're paying too much on your monthly phone bill!


Use Sound As A Vision

Every point of a customers experience can influence long term success.

It becomes crucial for business to deliver a superior caller experience.
The phone remains the preferred method of contacting a company. Despite the availability of email, social media and many other methods of communication, the phone remains the favored medium.

Recently TNS Global conducted a case study into call handling to date and discovered that 42% of consumers prefer the receive information over the phone then use alternative methods

Toshiba Corporation Struggling Financially

This week Brian Metherell, vice president and general manager of Toshiba America Information Systems’ (TAIS) Telecommunication Systems Division (TSD), sent a letter to notify dealers of the pending closure. Toshiba has “deemed it necessary to wind down our Telecommunication Systems Division (TSD) business starting immediately," he said. Toshiba Canada also will be announcing the wind-down of its telecommunications business, and TSD will no longer be selling in Mexico, he said.